Brick Pavers in Chattanooga

Everyone knows concrete cracks, brakes and settles so why would want it around your pool or patio.  Brick paver's is the cure for concretes problems.  With paver's if anything ever moves or settles its a easy fix.  We just pick them up and put a little sand under them and your right back to perfect.  But with concrete you have to jackhammer and re-pour the concrete than you have an ugly cold joint and A miss colored spot.  We only use Belgard brick paver's they stand up to the sun and don't fade like some other concrete paver's.  Pavers can be used on new pools, patios, walkways, brick paver driveway, and can put brick pavers over concrete decks.  We use Gator dust from Alliance as our polymeric sand to lock the paver's together.  It also helps keep from water erosion and helps prevent weed sprouting in the paver's.  For all your needs for brick pavers in Chattanooga area call sink or swim pools and patios.