Bingo Family's pool

​The Marr family's pool

Does you pool leak look ugly or hurt your feet when you swim.  Well we can fix it in most cases we can rebuild your concrete pool in 3-5 days.  Sink or swim pools can make your old pool that is falling apart in to a new pool.  We can replaster and retile your pool faster and cheaper than our competitors cause we are trained and certified installers of Diamond Brite pool plaster.  90% of the contractors in Chattanooga subcontract out their plaster jobs. So your getting a over priced finish installed by someone you did not hire.  So dont get ripped off call Sink or Swim Pools and get your pool fixed for good.  As certified installers SGM backs Diamond Brite with A 10 year warranty for residential pools and 5 years for commercial pools.


Acid product test

​Racoon Mnt rv resort pool

Diamond Brite pool finish acid test verses Beadcrete & PebbleTec.  All 3 kinds of plaster was soaked in 100% Muriatic Acid for 24 hours.  The Diamond Brite was only etched a little.  The Beadcrete was very eroded.  And the PebbleTec was just little pieces of aggregate left.